Dan Haga - Photographer
My name is Dan Haga but you should have already figured that out. I'm 28 years old and have grown up in the Baltimore area. I have always loved digital photography but it wasn't until June 2005 when I received a Canon 300D as a wedding gift that I really got serious about it. My favorite thing to photograph when I started out was old abandoned buildings and decaying structures. I spent a lot of time in the shadows deep inside places like old factories, hospitals, power plants and tunnels to bring you images of things most people will never see or even knew existed. In the spring of 2006 I had a model ask me to take her into an old abandoned hospital for a photo shoot. This sparked a new interest in model photography and ever since I've been working at improving my skills in photographing people.

I have never had any classes or training in photography or photo manipulation. I am 100% self taught thru trial and error which I think helps keep my style unique.

Photography is something I do in my free time. When I don't have a camera in my hand you will most likely find me at the office behind a computer working on 3d modeling and animation which is what I do full time. Photography is something Id like to do full time but It just wouldn't pay the bills yet... Until it can all I can do is strive to improve my work and gain experience. I look foreword to seeing you thru my camera!

Samantha Haga - Photographer
My wife Samantha is a great photographer and will sometimes work along side of me on my shoots but most of the time she enjoys setting up her own bondage and fetish type work. Anything from knots and duct tape to wax, whips and needles, she is your girl! To find samples of her work and contact info check out her site www.samanthahaga.com.

Kirk K. - Assistant
Kirk has been assisting me on shoots for over a year now in which time he has picked up the nickname "Pose Manager". You will find him very helpful when it comes to coaching and pose suggestions. Kirk will keep you comfortable and laughing throughout the entire shoot.

Wendy R. - Hair & Makeup
Wendy is a licensed stylist and has been working in the field for 2 years. As a former model Wendy can do more than just make you look good, she can instruct you on how to best display that look for the camera. Making people feel good about their self image is not only her job but her passion. And if you feel good and look good it will reflect in your photos.

Jamie B. - Hair & Makeup
Jamie's interest in hair and makeup started at the young age of 13 when she enjoyed doing hair for her friends and family. Jamie graduated in 2006 with her license in Cosmetology from the Robert Paul Academy for Cosmetology Arts and Science and currently works part-time for the "Image Is" salon on Cockeysville, MD.